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On this site you will find information about the International Soil Tillage Research Organisation (ISTRO), which focusses on the impact and consequences of various soil tillage (including no-till) practices and from field traffic. More information about the organisation itself can be found on the organisation page. 

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July 8st 2022 - The latest version of ISTRO info, the July 2022 issue, is available for download. In this issue:

- Report of the 2022 General Assembly
- New honorary members
- CESTRO and Czech ISTRO Branch

- Upcoming Meetings and Events
- New Books

In the July 2022 issue of ISTRO info, Jan van den Akker (pictured top left), Doug Karlen (Pictured top right), Marta Birkas (pictured bottom left) and Hubert Boizard (pictured bottom right) have been nominated as Honorary Members of ISTRO. Their nominations were acclaimed for the General Assembly. All of them made a huge contribution to different topics related to soil conservation, soil quality, soil structure evaluation and in turn the sustanaible management of soils.

Jan van den Akker served ISTRO as Secretary General (2006 – 2009) and was also responsible for the edition of the Proceedings (Van den Akker et al., 1999, 2003) of subsoil compaction workshops.

Doug Karlen served also as Secretary General of ISTRO (2009 – 2015) and was responsible for several contributions related to soil quality. 

Marta Birkas (pictured in the bottom row, far right) was the Chair of the Hungarian ISTRO Branch (2002 – 2007) and her research area is focused on adaptable soil tillage, soil conservation and climate damage mitigation.

Hubert Boizard has been part of the ISTRO Board for several years and also helps to organise the 21st ISTRO conference in Paris.