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On this site you will find information about the International Soil Tillage Research Organisation (ISTRO), which focusses on the impact and consequences of various soil tillage (including no-till) practices and from field traffic. More information about the organisation itself can be found on the organisation page. 

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January 5th 2023 - The latest version of ISTRO info, the December 2022 issue, is available for download. In this issue:

- Young and Early Career Scientists group (YECS)
- News and update from ISTRO Working Groups
- Upcoming Meetings and Events

- New Books
- Orbituary

Young and Early Career Scientists group (YECS) - Recently, the IUSS Executive Committee accepted a new Working Group dedicated to the youth as part of its structure. The new Young and Early Career Scientists group (YECS) is a direct result of the 4th International Conference of Young Scientists – Soil in the Environment which was held on 2022 in Toruń, Poland. The YECS started its activities on September 2022. First, the group positions were approved as follows: Bartłomiej Glina from Poznań University of Life Sciences (Poland) and Axel Cerón González from National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico) as chair and vice-chair, respectively. Secondly, Marcin Sykuła from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Poland) designed the YECS logo.

Jorge Ivelic Sáez promoted the group during the XIV Chilean Congress of Soil Science in Chile. Daniela Bobadilla Ballesteros organized on December 5th the International Young Scientists Symposium in Mexico.
Axel Cerón González spread the group basis on December 5th during the World Soil Day 2022 Celebration in Thailand. Axel also gave a speech about “Youth security” on December 15th during the United Nations’ World
Soil Day 2022 Celebration in the United States.

The YECS will continue working on reaching regions in the world where soil science is not that common. Join the YECS group! (more details in the ISTRO newsletter.)