History of Conferences

The very first international soil tillage conference in 1955, at Uppsala, Sweden was organized by Prof. Gunner Torstensson. Subsequent conferences were held in 1958 ( Stuttgart Hohenheim, Germany), 1962 (Doorwerth, The Netherlands), 1965 ( Aas, Norway), 1970 ( Silsoe, UK) and 1973 (Wageningen, The Netherlands).

At the 1973 conference, to ensure continued interaction among tillage workers, ISTRO was founded. To provide historical perspective to past tillage-related conferences, the conference in Wageningen in 1973 was designated the 6th International Conference.

Subsequently, ISTRO has held international conferences every three years. Beginning in 1976, the ISTRO conferences were held at three year intervals as can be seen in the table below.

Proceedings of many ISTRO conferences are available from the conferences download page.

Table 1. History of ISTRO conferences

Number Year Place  Remark / Theme
First 1955 Uppsala, Sweden  
Second 1958 Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany  
Third 1962 Doorwerth, The Netherlands  
Fourth 1965 Os, Norway  
Fifth 1970 Silsoe, United Kingdom  
Sixth 1973 Wageningen, The Netherlands ISTRO was founded
Seventh 1976 Uppsala, Sweden  
Eighth 1979 Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany  
Ninth 1982 Osijek, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)  
Tenth 1985 Guelph, Canada  
Eleventh 1988 Edinburgh, Scotland  
Twelfth 1991 Ibadan, Nigeria  
Thirteenth 1994 Aalborg, Denmark  
Fourteenth 1997 Lublin, Poland  
Fifteenth 2000 Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.  
Sixteenth 2003 Brisbane, Australia Soil Management for Sustainability
Seventeenth 2006 Kiel, Germany post conf tour Sustainability – It’s Impact on Soil Management and Environment
Eighteenth 2009 Izmir, Turkey Sustainable Agriculture
Nineteenth 2012 Montevideo, Uruguay  
Twentieth 2015 Nanjing, China  
Twenty-first 2018 Paris, France  
- 2021 Dublin, Ireland Cancelled due to COVID