ISTRO welcomes as members all persons and institutions interested in the study or application of soil tillage and related subjects. ISTRO has approximately 500 members in more than 70 countries. There are five categories of membership: individual, student, corporate, honorary, and retired members.

  • Individual membership fees are (in US dollars) $21/year (base membership fee)
  • or $96/year (base membership fee plus subscription to Soil & Tillage Research journal).
  • Membership fee is reduced to US$ 7 for members from Low-Income, Lower-Middle-Income and Upper-Middle Income Economies as defined in the various tables on this World Bank website page.
  • Corporate members pay $84/year (base fee which includes one voting and three nonvoting members).
  • Retired members pay $7/year.
  • Students pay $7/year.

PhD students and free 3-year membership

ISTRO would like to honor each new PhD in soil-tillage related fields with a free 3-year Membership of ISTRO and a free 1-year subscription on Soil & Tillage Research Journal. 

New PhD should be nominated by one of their graduate advisors / promotors who are ISTRO Member by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the Secretary General of ISTRO. 
After completion of the PhD, an abstract and the thesis of the new PhD will be available on the dissertations page of this website.

Membership application procedure

In order to apply for the ISTRO membership, please read the following instructions before filling out the forms:

  1. Fill out the on-line membership application form,
  2. Fill out the pdf payment form that can be downloaded from the bottom of the on-line membership application form. The form can be filled out on your computer if you have the Acrobat pdf reader 7.0 or higher installed. If you don't have the Acrobat reader installed, you can install it by following this link.
  3. Print the filled-out payment form, and send it by regular mail or by FAX to the ISTRO treasurer:
Dr. Stephen Prior
411 S. Donahue Dr., Auburn, AL 36832 USA


FAX: (334) 844-4741 FAX: (International): +1-334-844-4741

Remark: If you are registering from a Developing Country at the reduced rate, please do so as part of a larger group if you can and then write one membership payment check or fund transfer to the treasurer.